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Something special is happening in Alberta - Join Team Trudeau on January 31st for a Day of Action!

Something special is happening here in Alberta.

Over the past six months, a diverse team of Albertans have come together to begin building a better Alberta, and a better Canada, by supporting Justin Trudeau and our team of Liberal candidates. You can be part of this too: click here to join Team Trudeau today.

Saturday, January 31 is a Day of Action for Team Trudeau in Alberta. We will be spending the day taking to Albertans about our vision for positive change, and a better Canada, and we will ask them to ‘Commit to Vote’ for Justin Trudeau and their local Liberal candidate.


We already have volunteers preparing to make a splash on the Day of Action.But this movement needs to keep growing if we are going to accomplish our goal of building a better Canada: we need you to join us.

You can sign up for Team Trudeau here, and we’ll be in touch with more details about the Day of Action.