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Calgary West Federal Liberal Association – “Let’s Talk About Energy” Sunday, October 27

Posted on October 21, 2013

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  1. Graeme Arkless said on

    Please clarify the following. Norway currently has around a 700 plus billion dollar nest egg because it looked to protecting its people when they discovered offshore oil. ALthough we have somewhat different circumstances here in Alberta, our leaders chose not to protect its people but ensure that corporate interests were met resulting in the net loss of billions of dollars for ALbertans and Canada. THe rationale to rip Albertans off is the status quo and the narrative of conservatives (See Ted Cruz as an example). How can Liberal policy correct the continued pillaging of Albertans? How can any change in energy policy be made when all stakeholders are conservatives who own the oil companies, the mass media, and literally control the public through continuous disinformation and manipulation?

    • Wendy Butler said on

      Graeme, much of what you are asking about is under provincial jurisdiction and, therefore, is beyond Federal control. This doesn’t mean that we, meaning you, me, and other concerned Albertans, are left without a voice. The Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta (LPCA) are encouraging and reaching out to Albertans to become engaged in the future of this province and what we are creating for ourselves and those who will follow us. We need to provide responsible and forward thinking alternatives to those that would keep us believing that there is no other way to develop and sell our limited resources to international markets. Basically, Albertans will not listen to an alternative to the conservative narrative until they are willing to hear another narrative. That is our responsibility, yours, mine and any other citizen of Alberta who disagrees with the present system.

      The LPCA and LPC are engaging Albertans with open discussions. We need to do more and we will do more through our riding associations. I hope you will join us and be a part of this change that is already beginning in and Alberta and Canada. We are also developing and voting on policy at our Policy Convention in Calgary on November 16 & 17, which will then go to the Biennial Policy Convention in Montreal in February. I would also suggest that you read our Leader’s speech to the Calgary Petroleum Club. Here is the link

      Thank you

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