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Letter from Brian Gold on the 2014 Alberta By-Elections

Posted on July 3, 2014

Dear Alberta Liberal,

1957…. 1968…. What do these two dates have in common?

1957 was the last time a Liberal candidate did as well as our candidate Dustin Fuller and his team in Macleod did on Monday.

1968 was the last time a Liberal candidate did as well as our candidate Kyle Harrietha and his team in Fort McMurray-Athabasca did on Monday.

To take another perspective, never in the history of the riding has a conservative candidate in Fort McMurray-Athabasca won with as low a percentage as this one did.

In 2011, Liberals candidates were an unprecedented third in ridings around the province, with few exceptions.

Now, building on our strong showing in Macleod and Fort McMurray-Athabasca – and in 2012 in Calgary Centre – we are back.

As all Albertans can see, in 2015, Liberals will be the only option for ending 8 years of Harper taking this great province completely for granted.

Our congratulations and gratitude to all who volunteered and donated, from across the country, to our fight here in Alberta. Besides the stellar support of Justin making numerous trips to our by-elections, much of our gains were due to the relentless on the ground efforts of our volunteers to door-knock and ID voters. We must keep this up into 2015!

As President of the Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta), I also however want to commend our LPCA organizers who provided a professional edge to our campaigns in Alberta that helped to put us on an even footing with the Conservative machine. Small in number compared to the Conservative behemoth, they are big in spirit. Kudos to Michel Breau, our LPCA Director of Political Operations and Outreach, and our new LPCA Field Organizers Maureen Hasinoff and Jillian White.

Now, through hope and hard work, we will make ‘once in half a century’ history in 2015 in Alberta.

Liberally yours,

Brian Gold

Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta)