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Statement by Eleanor Olszewski on the CBC

Posted on January 26, 2015

January 24, 2015

“There has been a lot of discussion lately about the CBC and it’s place in Canada. The radio and television operations of CBC/Radio Canada have been the target of constant cutbacks and political bullying by the Harper government. Here is my position on the subject:

As Liberals, we stand firm in our support for CBC and Radio Canada. The Liberal Party of Canada believes that a strong national public broadcaster is critical to maintaining our cultural identity; never more so than in this online age of simplified media access where borders are transparent. Culture is key to our Canadian identity.

As the candidate for Edmonton Strathcona, I echo this position as I know people in this riding who have worked with the CBC, in both radio and television, who have lost opportunities because of these cutbacks.

It is important to remember that the creation of CBC Radio, Radio Canada and CBC Television all occurred under a Liberal government, as did the creation of the Canada Council. Throughout our history, Liberals have not only supported Canadian culture but created the institutions that help maintain it.

As Liberals, we are committed to reversing the spending cuts by the Harper Conservatives and to providing stable, longterm funding to support CBC’s uniquely Canadian programming in both French and English.”

Eleanor Olszewski is the Liberal Party of Canada candidate in Edmonton Strathcona.