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St. Albert – Edmonton Nomination Meeting

Posted on September 3, 2015


Pursuant to the National Rules for the Selection of Candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada, the call has been issued for a meeting to nominate a candidate in St. Albert – Edmonton.

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Doors open at 3:00
Speeches at 3:30
Voting opens at the conclusion of speeches, and is open until 7:00 pm

Carlisle Community League, 14240 117 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 4N6

Identification will be required before a ballot will be issued (see items 1- 3 below).

Cut-off for eligibility to vote at this Meeting was 5:00 pm MT, Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015.

The cut-off applies to paper and online membership forms. For membership forms sent to the National Membership Office, at 415-10 St. Mary Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1P9, items post-marked or received by a courier on or before the cut-off will be accepted.

Those Qualified to Vote at a Nomination Meeting

  1. Residents of the electoral district who are members at the cut-off established pursuant to the Constitution of the Liberal Party of Canada.

A Membership List provided by the National Membership Office of the Liberal Party of Canada will be used to determine eligible members. Members must provide sufficient identification matching an individual on the voters list (name and address) in order to be provided a ballot, regardless of their ability to prove their identity and their residency within the riding.

  1. All individuals referred to in paragraph one (1) must

(a) be fourteen (14) years of age;
(b) support the purposes of the Liberal Party of Canada;
(c) not be a member of any other federal political party in Canada
(d) not be qualified to vote in any other federal constituency association;
(e) while a member of the Party, not have publicly declared an intention to be a candidate for election to the House of Commons other than as a candidate of the Liberal Party of Canada.

  1. Must be able to prove identity and address.  There are three options:

(a) Provide one original piece of identification issued by government or government agency containing your photo, your name and your address (e.g. Driver’s License)   OR

(b) Provide two original pieces of identification issued by government, government agency, educational institute, municipal office/agency, public utility or Credit Card Company that provides your name. At least one of these documents must also contain your address: (e.g. two of the following: Alberta Health  Card,  Utility Bill, Fishing License,  a Credit card statement, Student ID card and a School Report card)  OR

(c) Provide one piece of original identification issued by government, government agency, educational institute, municipal office/agency, public utility or credit card company that provides your name and then be willing to swear an oath and be vouched for by a qualified voter in the riding who has identification acceptable in a or b above.